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benefits.....can anyone help me



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Jan 26, 2010
hi all,
so im currently on employment and support allowance cos im not able to work due to my depression
the thing is im made to go to the job centre for a pathways to work interview and like a medical assessment...thing is the thought of going to these is getting me really wound up and making me totally scared, apprehensive....etc

my mate has been telling me about some sort of mental health benefit aside from the job centre....
im not sure what im entittled to or how to apply for it....

please note if i could work i would, i had a intervieww next week and i freaked, panic attack and felt so unwell i couldt do it.....

pleaser help me if you know any info that may help.
thanks all



suggest you get advice from citizens advice who will get you a welfare rights officer who can tell you what benefits you may be entitled to.



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Feb 18, 2009
Up North
I have my 3rd pathways to work interview tomorrow and I agree they are stressful, have you got anybody who could go with you such as a support worker or advocate?

Remember they can’t force you into doing anything, it is more to discuss what is available to help you get back into work when you’re able, don’t be afraid to say that you think that some of the suggestions maybe too much for you to cope with at the moment.


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Aug 16, 2009
hi antonia,

i know how you feel - its always a worry that the person you see will be unreasonable and unsympathetic, and that they'll try to push you into something when you're not ready.

just tell the truth and if you feel like you're being pushed in the wrong direction, just say firmly but politely that you really don't think you can go along with it.

in my experience, things aren't as mindless as they used to be in the benefits departments, and hopefully they won't try to bully you. its really only meant to be a meeting about your situation and the help and support available - no worries.

hope it goes well:)


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Nov 19, 2009
hi, i had my interview at the jobcentre about a month ago and it really freaked me out beforehand, like you if i could work i would. I went with my partner i was so anxious the chap i saw was really understanding they dont push you into anything they just advise you on options you could take and they are your contact to talk to if you dont understand anything whilst being on ESA. Its easier said than done i should really practice what i preach but nothing is as bad as you think im sure you will be suprised,dont go alone go with someone who understands you and like i did let them do the talking!! it only took about 20mins (may seem along time but it flew) you may only have to go once i dont have to go back. hope this helps
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