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Benefits and savings



New member
Apr 9, 2018
Hi I'm new here,
I'm in a mess I have autism and BPD and have been getting esa support group for me but also dla for my son with autism and child tax credits. I have accumulated savings and now dwp want 5 yrs bank statements which show various savings and bank said to transfer to savings but I didn't know it can affect esa, now I'm worried they will stop esa and make me pay it all back


Well-known member
Mar 2, 2018
Antrim Coast, Ireland
Hi Pinkgiraffe, I hope this helps a little. I just copy/pasted this for you -

If you have savings over £16,000 you will not be able to claim means tested ESA. If you have savings between £6,000 and £15,999 your means tested ESA will reduce. Your savings will not affect your ESA if you are receiving ESA based on National Insurance Contributions.

If you need any advice about benefits in the UK contact your local Citizens Advice for free, impartial, up-to-date help. Good luck with this.
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