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Lab rat

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Feb 6, 2020
Warning: philosophy of the sleep deprived lies in this post.

why do we believe the things we do when there’s clearly evidence to the contrary?

ocd seems to be a comfortable bedfellow of schizophrenia as does superstition. I check and check things and always panic that I’ve forgotten to lock a door, the car etc. I hate paying for anything by card, I always think that theives or the government has my bank details and is monitoring or stealing from me.

I must be the only people in the uk to welcome the lockdown 😔 but it gives me too much time to think.

it’s odd what you believe! I believe in god and I believe I’ve met him and for a long time he spoke to me and controlled me. Mh services call this a delusion.

I used to shop on the dark net. I know, I know and I believe I was hacked and a group of hackers are watching me. This has resulted in my staying off the dark web, getting new phones/tablet/laptop only now I have eliminated every trace of it, are the beliefs beginning to fall apart. It’s hard, when you do as much work as I do online having beliefs that a group of hackers are trying to destroy you is a serious problem.

what do you believe? Do you recognise it to be a delusion? Can something make it better? Can you be talked out of it?


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Sep 28, 2020
Well I trying to work on having no beliefs its freeing .Beliefs limit you like what can be done with a smart phone . I study a little science and in the 1800's scientists believed all the major discoveries were over in science .What a shakeup Einstein did with e=mc2 .