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Being Tortured by My Own Mind



Well-known member
Nov 22, 2013
It started when I got into an argument on a forum. This guy was being a dick to annoy me so I insinuated he was gay, as he has done to me in the past(we have had several discussions that turned into arguments). But then he started to insinuate I was a child abuser because that's what we were discussing. He actually is a child abuser enabler because he believes child abuse is not morally wrong just illogical.

So anyway. Now my mind is continually tagging certain words to this guy. LIke the word TURN. Every time I see or hear that word I have to think of this repulsive person. And my mind keeps tagging words and songs and things to this guy because my mind is on the side of this dick for some reason or at least happy to play along because my mind hates me.

I have had to avoid certain websites where this guy lurks because he knows everytime he sends me a message it will create more tagged words. I swear this guy knows what's going on in my head and is helping it.