being schizoaffective



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Jun 24, 2013
i have been schizoaffective/ocd for ten years now. i have just recently found the right combination of medicines to quell the constant uneasiness within. i cry at times wishing i was without this disorder. its hard to go ou in public because i get yelled at and called names. i fear having a bike because of people harassing me. i have had pictures taken of me from cars etc i wathced someone go past me in an suv witnessing them holind a phone camera at me. i have been thinking about suicide lately.:sorry:


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Dec 8, 2012
north east england
welcome to the forum lamina xx you may also if you feel up to it want to post a little intro on the introductions thread ? just so people can welcome you .
I have the same condition as you and i also find it very challenging. there is definately an element of discrimination in many mental health conditions and physical ones too because people are afraid of different. It may be that your medication isnt working as well as you think if you are feeling suicidal, i know medication isnt everything but at times it can be a blessing. do you have any one you can talk to at home about how you feel ?
hugs xx


hi lamina,

I've been diagnosed schizoaffective too - although I'm not sure that its the right diagnosis at times.

Its a friendly place here and people can be very supportive so do keep posting. I just wondered if you went to any drop-ins? Or had any social activities in the week? That can be a help at times.

Take care,

Anon x


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Jun 19, 2013
I'm schizoaffective too. It's tough. I'm sorry you get harassed, I was bullied for many years because I was different. It really is hard because having an illness can single you out to other people as a weirdo if you behave in a way that is outside the norm. People seem to pick up on the subtle (or sometimes obvious) behavioural oddities that people can have if they are diagnosed with a mental illness. I now just accept it though. Some people are ignorant but it shouldn't stop you from doing what you want to do. We are all entitled to a space on this Earth, and to go about our daily business without people doing that shit to you.


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Sep 2, 2009
:welcome: Hi Lamina

I'm another with a diagnosis of schizoaffective.
I've been very lucky and am meds free at the moment.
My behaviour gets me into trouble sometimes - my mum and brother were moaning at me last week saying I might attract attention or get a reputation.
Not sure if it's my mental illness or just me or......
It's annoying when even your own family are critical of you.
But generally I don't care what other people think. And I like to be noticed (sometimes, not always).
But it can be hard wehn things aren't going so well.

Oh dear, I've been rambling.

I'll just say
Hi :hi:
one more time


Mar 10, 2013
Hi and welcome Lamina :cheers:

I am also schizoaffective and i can relate to your concerns. I was only ranting on a forum a few days ago about how mean people can be to others that suffer from mental illnesses. Some people just do not understand and to be frank they dont want to, they just want to control the situation since they automatically think because they are the 'normal' person they have the upper hand. I wont go on because i get very defensive about this topic..

Its great that you believe you have finally found the right meds that suit you, i know i went through some though times with different meds. But on that note, if you have having self harm thoughts that are quite aggressive perhaps the dose isnt high enough. Id like to say talk to your doctor but im sure you will figure out the best options for you. Having a close friend you can confide in always helps hun..

I too have had times where i wished i didnt have this disorder but knowing i cant get rid of it makes me want to find better treatment and even a cure, so instead of being down about it i stay positive and focus on what i can do to help myself and others like me :)

I really hope you feel better soon


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