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Being lied to :(



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Oct 11, 2008
I made a really good friend a few months ago. We do not live in the same area, so our main way of keeping in touch is email and skype. I really liked him, he seemed so good and true, with so much in common. He said he would be with me, but I told him straight that I wasn't interested, so we just carried on being friends.

Tonight, I am certain he told me a huge lie. I think it might have been to try and make me jealous, but Im not, Im just very mad he would lie to me like that. I cant confront him as I have no proof he is lying, and even if he was I am certain he would deny it.

It's strange how seemingly little things can pull me right back under. I feel sick :(


If its a lie n it hurts you then that isnt nice.

Sometimes though I prefer people lie to me if its something that would hurt me knowing the truth.

Someone lying adamentlyto your face when they think that they are doing you a favour when the truth would be much easier to handle n possiably in your intersets to know.

There are so many types of lies however if it was to make you jealous I wouldnt buy into that at all because like you say it does impress you at all, I'm quite good at smelling a rat myself, though not always.

I hope that it all sorts it self out for you abertha. best wishes JD

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