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Been to the doctors



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Apr 11, 2009
Hiya, i have been going to the doctors now for what i was told was depression for about 3 years now, but now the doctor has referred me to see a psychiatrist (sp) as he thinking i am showing signs on bi-polar, i have terrible memory and have to write everything down so he knows whats going on with me otherwise i gloss over most and try and make everything seem ok.

I am slightly confused though, i know what the symptoms are but no idea how it is fixed, if i do have it then is it for life? i have no idea whats going to happen, i have to go for weekly appointments now with my doctor as he said he is worried about me?!?!

Help i have no idea whats going on.


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Jun 3, 2009
Sounds as though you have a pretty supportive doctor there!

If your psychiatrist diagnoses bipolar, there are a lot of treatments that can be offered to you ~ from psychotherapy to medication. It can take a bit of time to find out what suits you and your needs best, but be patient.

Keep in contact with your GP and, when you see the psychiatrist with them.

Try not to panic about seeing the psychiatrist.


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Dec 16, 2007
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If the psych does diagnose bipolar they will decide on the best form of treatment. Medication may not be needed. Some people only have a couple of episodes. I personally have only had about 6 manic phases in my life but constant depression with acute anxiety.

Hopefully terapy can help you but if not there is some very good medication that will keep you stable as long as you are compliant with it.

Good luck
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