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Been signed off work for 4 weeks


Respecting myself

I am feeling awful - went to GP this morning. When I made the appointment it was just a standard check up - but by the time I went this morning I was in bits - cried myself to sleep last night - had to take temazepam to get me off because I was exhausted but couldn't sleep. Had mad dreams about a monster (like Godzilla or something) who was destroying the city and I was constantly running from it - I could see the city crumbling - I was trying to find a way to escape but it kept following and I was running out of places to go and was getting more and more tired... Symbolic or what?

I digress... So went to the Drs in tears, talked to him in the mad and pathetic half sentences I manage when I am feeling low - told him I stopped my sertraline and he said it might contribute to how I'm feeling especially if I didn't tail it off. But I said I didn't think the sertraline did anything as I still felt damned awful on it, I apologised for coming off it and he told me not to beat myself up about it. Sleep is my issue at the moment - he's prescribed me Mirtazapine for that and as an anti-depressant. He insisted on signing me off for 4 weeks from work - normally he asks if I need time off and normally it might just be for a week or so - 4 weeks makes me feel such a failure - I cried some more, feeling guilty about the reports I do and everything else. One of my colleagues came by and was really sweet about it and she told me not to worry - which for me is really hard.

I am trying to sort things out in my head - I feel just so weak and fragile at the moment - really lost and lonely...


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Apr 4, 2008
You are definately not a failure. Try and forget about work for a little while and take care of yourself.


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Jul 15, 2009
HazeyJ I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I can relate to the work thing, I was initially signed off for 2 weeks which has turned into nearly 4 months by the time I go back after Xmas. The thing to remember though is that we're not failures, we're just not well, just like if someone had to be off work for an operation or something.

As far as the meds go, I think Sertraline is one of those that's quite nasty if you just stop it dead, so the doc might be right about that. I hope the Mirtazapine works for you.

If you start to feel lost and lonely, then talk to us on here, we know what it's like. :hug:


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Oct 20, 2009
Dont panic yet....

Hi HazeyJ

Been signed off work for 4 weeks
I have been signed off for over 15 years, thats (15*12*4) weeks ..... when you get to that consider yourself sr*wed....:p

I think the doc has just given you time to get yourself together, xmas is always a rough time for most, and realy stressful for MH peps, take the time , try and relax, enjoy your xmas.........

.. boB ..........:flowers:
Prince Buster

Prince Buster

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Nov 1, 2009
Have to echo what has already been said. I was signed off for two weeks in September and still not gone back. Need to forget about it and just concentrate on getting better.
Scared with BPD

Scared with BPD

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Nov 9, 2009
Within Four Walls

You are not a failure you are just unwell at the minute and you shouldn't put any store by how long they have signed you off for. Your doc obviously feels you need that time to get yourself feeling a little better and even if you don't after the four weeks is up, there is no shame in getting a further note. As long as it takes, that's the main thing, how you feel and your wellbeing.

If it's any consolation I was ordered by my work to take 8 weeks off to get better, I ended up off work for 18 months, but I did return and everyone was lovely and caring, I started back part-time to begin with. I'm not working at the moment but I wanted to give you an example of how some companies can be really understanding.

Just keep concentrating on yourself and do everything that makes you feel a little better, treat yourself like you would a friend who was feeling ill.

Much love and keep that chin up and try not to worry.



Same here! I have been off work for years in the past. I only recently went back.

TBH I wish my GP signed me off earlier, but he is one of those work ethic types of people, and I guess at the same time work was everything to me so I probably gave the impression that I did not want to be signed off.

I worked until two weeks before I was sectioned, it did me no good. My psyche couldn't believe I was still working when he saw me, he said I was not healthy enough to drive never mind work!

Try to enjoy Christmas and relax, but do keep active too, just doing things you enjoy. Doing nothing all day can be as bad as working, it gives you time to think too deeply about things and emotions can then overwhelm you. I think having a balance with these things is very important.

Coming off meds can have a profound effect on how we feel, I think like with any drugs prescribed or not there is an element of detox, your system trying to adjust. Take good care of yourself.
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