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been put in the care of the crisis team



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Feb 23, 2010
On thursday 18th this month i took an overdose on impulse after a horrific and unbearable week. since then i have seen two GP's and two psychiatrists. i have been referred to the mental health crisis team. they came to visit yesterday for the first time of the now daily visits. i dont understand what they want. in hospital i couldnt concentrate, i usually have to leave in a hurry because i dont trust the people i dont know.

It was frightening and confusing, i want the help but i dont like the people being that close to me, i feel at risk of myself. i feel like running out, but its my flat.

I dont know what to do, i want my mind to rest, i want them to say something i understand, i want them to go away when they get here.

all i felt was them looking at me in disgust and judging me.


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Feb 4, 2010
In the trees its safer
I can emphasise with why you took the OD and I would suggest its not disgust that they look at you but its becuse you feel so terrible that you think this. They are only trying to help you and at least they have put support in place for you please dont feel this there is a light in the tunnel its just that you have sneezed and temepoly shut your eyes so you cant see it
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