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Been feeling extremely anxious recently since starting my medication again.



Nov 16, 2020
Note: This is kind of an update my previous thread (you don't have to read it). Is it possible for those with OCD to get over their compulsions and fears?

So I have finally got my medication again (20mg Fluoxetine) today, after not having it in over 3 weeks. It is mainly used to treat my anxiety and extremely bad OCD. I have mentioned in my previous threads the reason as to what has been making me quite anxious recently but I thought this issue would be best as a separate one. I have just taken my first tablet a few hours ago, and since then I haven't been feeling too good at all. I started worrying about a lot of things, I was worried about my Lego, I was worried about my electronics, social media, I was worried about my relationships with most of my friends, I was worried that my friends do not like me anymore (because some of them don't answer my messages), I was worried about my college work, how I will feel in future, literally everything. I started feeling really agitated about a lot of things too (I have been feeling this way for quite a while though) about things such as people, politics, certain individuals including students and teachers back from my high school and primary school, my mum's toxic relationship with her boyfriend, my dad's drunken antics in the past, etc. It just feels like my world is collapsing in on itself.

Apparently this is a common side-effect with anti-depressants, you feel worse before you start to feel better. I just want to be able to enjoy my hobbies (Lego, Video Games, Movies) again without having to feel anxious about them, and I have been worrying a lot recently that I will never get over my fears, and I am gonna be stuck in limbo forever. I just wanna relax and enjoy myself and be optimistic like I used to be when I was a kid, but I just can't be like that anymore. I've not been able to enjoy my hobbies for the past 2 and a half years, and now it feels like more of my hobbies are being taken over with my anxiety to the point where I cannot do them anymore. I just feel like I am losing hope with everything at the moment. I feel like I am losing hope in my future. I have a feeling I am going to fail in my college course and get a poor grade. I just wanna be happy again 😥


Jan 12, 2021
Berlin, Germany
Hey, I do understand your situation and all my feelings are with you. When we grow up, our brain is not fully grown and as connected as it is when we get older. We will never continue our life's as the easy child we once were. Feeling save and feeling good in our relationships with others and in our holistic social, political and biological life I a thing that gets harder to achieve, the more we know and more critical we look on the things we learn. Especially when we have a disorder at our side, we feel tricked and disabled by our bodies functions to just let us live an easy happy life. The outside world is a complicated one to look for a proper and save path towards the savety we aim for. But human life became very complicated.
Sometimes it's especially the easy things that calm your thoughts. Dimm the light, to reduce stress on your brain, drink enough water or tea, Melissa and blue mallow are good calming options. Take a pencil in start writing down the thoughts, that threaten your mind. It's not always helping. But often.
You will get through this. You can overcome all thoughts you have. You just need to learn how to integrate them and give them the space they are allowed to take. But not more. This controll sounds easy but is just achievable by time. Don't ever forget, you are the one in your driver's seat. And let nobody doubt who you are and that you can make it. It up to you. And this is ok.


Jan 10, 2021
I have the same thing when I go back on fluoxetine after being off it a while, and then the more you worry, the more you worry...it's okay, it's completely normal. Keep plodding on, you will get there.
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