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Been depressed for the past few days, don't know how to get over it



New member
Nov 1, 2008
Hey, everyone. Been having problems for a few days, here's the full story-

I met her at a party on Tuesday night. She was a couple of years younger than me, but I didn't know at the time... we spent pretty much the whole evening together (I only kissed her, nothing else). The thing is, she was all over me and I loved it. For example at one point when I was on my friends sofa she came over to me, put her leg over mine and just started rubbing my chest. And when we were outside a couple of my friends were arguing so I said "Well, I'm not going to miss this night" and she said "Neither will I... except for this" and she just put her arms round me and kissed me.

The next day I found out her age and all my friends kept telling me that she was too young, I was in the wrong, etc. I found out from her friend that she liked me but she didn't think I'd like her back, because of the age difference.

So, I said to her, I like you too but as everyone else seems to think it's wrong, I can't really ask you out. She said she was cool with it, but I spend the next couple of days wondering whether I did the right thing or not.

Yesterday I changed my mind and I told her I didn't care what everyone else thought, and if she'd like to make a go of it. She then tells me she 'isn't ready for a relationship, especially with someone [she] doesn't really know'. What? I spend all this time worrying about what my friends and everyone might think and then she turns me down. This really sucks.

I'm meeting a girl from college tonight, but I'm finding it really hard to look forward to it. Girl #1 has been on my mind for three days and then it suddenly just goes to crap. I still can't stop thinking about her, and I really need to. My self esteem and remaining confidence is basically non-existent now, and all I can think about is this girl.

Because of all this going on, I'm feeling really down right now. I've barely left my room for 4 days and haven't eaten in about 2 days now. My parents won't leave me the hell alone, they keep bugging me and asking me what's wrong. I don't want to talk to anyone in person, I just can't hack being around people right now.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make me feel better? Next steps.

Thanks a lot.



Hello TBH and welcome.

I'm a great believer in distraction therapy

Is there anything you can get invoved in ?, something to occupy your mind


New member
Nov 4, 2008
Sounds to me like you have a bad case of oneitis:


:) I can see understand why you feel like this, you've spent all this energy thinking about her... and now suddenly she doesn't even want you! This is bound to make you want her even more!

Yeah distracting yourself is a good idea, these feelings never last too long - in a few weeks you'll be wondering what you were even thinking.