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BED - Managing the gap between diagnosis and treatment



New member
Dec 8, 2018
Swindon UK
Hi, all.

After a long period of trial/denial/fear, I spoke with my GP on Thursday and he agrees that I am deep into BED territory. I have a fasting blood test on Wednesday of next week with an appointment the Wednesday after for the results so we can eliminate any underlying conditions or resulting problems. After that, it will be a referral to the local NHS eating disorder clinicians for further support and action.

Knowing the dire straits the NHS is in, I'm not expecting action on my case in anything less than 12 weeks; I know the financial constraints and staffing problems our fine healthcare services are facing and I know they will do the best that they are able.

Any ideas on what I can do in the meantime? I know I need advice from medical professionals on long term solutions and treatment but how do I manage the food-filled, trigger point mess in the interim? Christmas will undoubtedly be a horror show for me on this and that's kind of expected but I'm unlikely to get the support I need to make lasting changes until around/after Valentines..... I have a gallbladder/hiatus hernia problem so BED is not just a mental concern but physically painful; are there any tips for coping in the interim period between GP and treatment or do I just go on as usual an live with the physical pain and mental anguish?

I'm not asking for medical advice, just tips on how to get by.

Anything that you have found useful to just get through each day would be gratefully received.

Thank you.


Former member
Welcome x. Hope you can find some treatment where you are and that your GP is persistent in getting it sorted. Sorry you're suffering. Have had BED over 2 decades and no specialist help with it avariable, no service here.
Maybe try a diary to journal mood thoughts and food if not too triggering, may help with referral process. Good luck x