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Bad thoughts



Well-known member
Apr 14, 2019
I keep having these bad thoughts to end my relationship with my boyfriend. These thoughts just happen at any point. I know thoughts don’t mean anything but it s really hard to tell myself that when these thoughts are pounding in my head. I’m scared that because I had the thought to end it with him, that means I should just end things with my boyfriend. I’m so scared. I love my boyfriend so much, he makes me happy, I know we have our ups and downs but he’s still the one I choose to be with. I want to be able to stay with him and work through this. I have ocd so I think this is a symptom of rocd. Maybe some reassurance will help me. Can someone please reassure me that these thoughts are simply thoughts, and to not attach meaning to them. Or can I have some tips to help me deal with this anxiety.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
I think I would need to accept all my thoughts
and write them down as you have here

a part of you wants to stay with him, a part doesnt
maybe you are quite young to be settling down for instance ?

try to allow your mind its freedom
without being afraid of it