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Bad day



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Mar 23, 2009
Very anxious. Dad wants me to help re visa application for my brother and has been bombarding me with information on the phone. Mum has been on the phone with a Sainsbury's order she wants me to do.
Neither consider the possibility that i might be having a bad day.
Told my mum i didn't feel well. She was a little bit concerned but more worried that she would have to wait for her online order to be done.
I struggled to do the order as i know she'll be disappointed and press me to do it later if i didn't do it there and then.

I think my family are so used to me being better than i was years ago that they don't really entertain the possibility that i still get bad days like today.
I could have done without the pressure today.


I think those around you can forget the realities of struggling with a mh issue on a day to day basis.

I am fortunate that my hubby is understanding in this regard but I must admit others in my family don't. Maybe it's because I put on a smile and try not to bog them down with details of my issues (I do that here).

I know alot of people think that if you are struggling that distraction can help (which it can I believe at times), do you think your family might have thought it would be good for you to have the distraction and do the shopping?

How are you feeling now? x
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