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Bad day at the office......



Well-known member
Mar 27, 2010
Forgive me but i am going to swear but i have no other way of getting it out.
Day off, full of expectation, day planned. However as soon as i opened the curtains i knew it would be shit. You might just call it negative thinking and it always shouts at me very loud. But everything i did today went wrong. My appt at the hospital, my chemist who didnt have my prescription. Tescos, who insisted i used the do it yourself check outs and the fucking weather where i was socked not once but TWICE!!!

There ive said it, goodnight..................


Well-known member
May 29, 2010
we all have those amazingly bad days, but things will get better


Crap days

Yes you are right to vent your anger , like Father Ted we all have those "Fecking" days, do we not !!
Hope you feel a bit better and can enjoy a laugh
a while ago I had one of those why me days everything went wrong, seemed like I had bad luck ??
Still it did not last, hope you perk up and have a better enjoyable time..:doh::doh:
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