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Background noise, intrusive thought or an auditory hallucination?



New member
Jan 29, 2020
I've recently been told I may have PTSD. I'm not 100% sure though.

Whenever I'm alone, I keep hearing knocking and banging coming from the surrounding walls or ceiling, sometimes right beside me. It terrifies me, as it sounds like the sounds I grew up with, that were a method to get me to shut up completely. When this happens now, I think it is someone telling me to shut up. I can never play anything out loud or on a normal volume. When it happens, I get too scared to even talk. My boyfriend doesn't really hear these sounds or seem affected by it at all.

I also heard the same noises when I was living alone in lockdown, in an entirely different place.

A month ago, I got frequent panic attacks at night when I was living in a remote location and thought I heard sounds of people breaking into the house. Sounds which my boyfriend also wasn't affected by. This has gotten better now I don't live so remotely.

Is this just faulty pipes in the wall causing intrusive thoughts because of hypervigilence or am I actually experiencing auditory hallucinations?


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May 6, 2017
This is a difficult one, I wouldn't like to diagnose, but we can have minor auditory hallucinations like a knock at the door, a tap on the window or the phone ringing and things like that. Personally one of the noises I've heard that nobody else could hear was the toilet in a constant state of flushing but it hasn't happened in a long time.

But I'm a full blown voice hearer, it was in my ears, a voice that sounded like it was coming from right beside me but had no source until I used medication and now it's the same voice but it's in my mind in the same space as my thoughts would be.

It could simply be a product of anxiety or it could be something more, maybe a doctor would have a better idea.