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Back to work and anxious



New member
Mar 30, 2019
First a little backstory:
I been on disability now for around 4 years because of my mental struggles.
I have a job coach from the local government to help me find a suitable work environment that fits my needs and a couple of weeks ago she found me a job opportunity.
I have in the past done mandatory screening by a physician to see how much hours i can work in my current condition and the result was max 20 hours a week.
So after the green light from the company to start working there they send my job coach an email saying they need me to work at least 24 hours a week but i can build this up over a course of 2 months no big deal its just 4 hours but after 2 months i fall under contract of the company and no longer under the care of my local government so if they then say that i need to up the hours again and i fail or its to much and they fire me for example then im totally screwed.
Then i have to start a very lengthy process of paperwork to get my support back and it can be months without any income.
So its now Saturday and my job starts Monday and im so anxious and paranoid.
I could have sad no to the job but everybody around me says do it do it and im afraid to talk about my feelings to worth it.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
Hello zoqu that is terrible what is happening to you..that’s terrible what your new employer is now doing.

Can you get some advice from an employment forum on the net maybe if such a thing exists, just throwing ideas out there. from the point of fact that you signed up for 20 hours and signed a contract even ( don’t know if you did) and therefore they are breaking the terms of the contract.
The job coach didn’t highlight the risk of a contractual change and therefore maybe I wonder if the employer can do this. What about having a chat with the job coach.