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Back from 2013 - Same Post as in Bipolar Forum. Just to be extra polite ;-)



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Nov 14, 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi everyone,

I used to be on this forum a long time ago, but had to leave. It is unlikely that anyone will remember me.

Over the years I have been hospitalised numerous times and was basically treated for refractory major depression and possible dissociative disorder.

It recently emerged that I actually have severe rapid-cycling bipolar disorder currently with mixed features. I am very ill at the moment, but my new psychiatrist and I have opted to not go the hospitalisation route, because I am an introvert and find those situations unbearable.

It turns out upon introspection, that I had the same stigmatised view of bipolar disorder even though I have been mentally ill myself post adolescence through out all of my life so far. I am so ashamed and disappointed in my self for maintaining that stigma subconsciously. My diagnosis and realising that it "explains so much" is heartbreaking and very difficult to deal with at this stage.

My psychiatrist and employer have placed me on temporary disability leave for the next three to four months until I am able to function normally again with the help of an occupational therapist . As such I am in desperate need of someone to talk to who have the same or similar condition and experiences, while I am sitting at home alone during the day until my partner returns from work.

Looking forward to chatting on here and perhaps even make some friends.


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Jan 5, 2011
:welcome: back to the forum. I too am diagnosed with bipolar and its a difficult condition to have. As for stigma, its common that we all try to get on with life and try to ignore symptoms but is that stigma? Anyway, I hope you find us supportive and kind - again.


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Welcome back to the forums firestorm! Glad to have you back again. I also have Bipolar (1) and am happy to chat if you ever feel the inclination. xo, j
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