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back after a while. struggling need advice?



Jan 30, 2013
Hi guys its a while since iv been active on here. Heres an update. Still at college, i had been struggling. I slipped back into old habits, not eating, losing weight etc. I been to docs, who reffered me to psychiatrist, who reffered me to a dietician (first one was yesterday) and also been reffered to a pschologist who i not met yet. Dietician was really nice, friendly, not the monster i though she would be. she tried talking but i couldnt answer a lot i just kept saying i dont know and i dont know why i was saying it!

She gave me appointment in another few weeks, said i dont have to go back if im not ready, but she thinks it an ideal time to start working on stuff during summer etc. I want help, but i dont think i have a 'disorder'. Something that really threw me a little was she said i had low weight (when psychiatrist weighed me) then when she done it she said i was 'clinically underweight' (first time anyone told me that) but i dont think i am. and she said she most worried about me purging (she giving me leaflet on it.) She said even me going was good cause she could see it was excruciating for me? I didnt admit it but i was petrified tbh.

It sounds weird saying this, i dont even know if anyone will understand where im coming from, but something telling me to ignore it, keep losing weight. My head is pushing me to loose weight before next appointment and i dont know why. Its sort of like loose it before they take it away? I'v had weird eating for 10 years without it, who am i?

She doesnt want to start working on things till i have seen pschologist, but she mentioned a meal plan, 3 meals 3 snacks. i have had a look online. i was scared to go to meeting yesterday, now im terrified the amount of food they have in meal plans (researched online). anyone any advice on this - meal plans?? Just glad found somewhere to talk about this, how can bmi be underweight? Im clearly not :S
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Apr 5, 2015
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I'm no expert, but I think it's best if you start small. Don't go from eating very little to a full-blown meal plan--that would be way too overwhelming, in my opinion. I think it's best if you just gradually increase your food intake and work up to a healthy diet. But again, I want to clarify that I am not an expert, and I have my own issues with food.