Awful Experience with CPN. Can't Cope



Oct 14, 2016

Sorry it's taken me so long to update.
I had appointment with new CPN a couple of weeks ago. It went well and she seemed very understanding. I'm wary of them all now though but time will tell if she is as she seems. I have 2nd appointment with her at start of the year.

I actually didn't hear anything back from the team leader after the conversation where I told her everything that had happened and she had said she'd allocate another CPN. I have a feeling she had tried to sweep it under the carpet.

It was only when I had an appointment with my psychiatrist that things got moving. Team leader had informed psychiatrist but as I was telling him what happened he kept saying "did you tell team leader ALL of this". This made me think she'd played it down and also the fact she had never got back to me with a new one.
The following day after my psychiatrist appointment the new CPN was on the phone so the pyschiatrist had obviously cracked the whip.

The new one did say that all CPNs are now short term recovery based and the days of seeing them for years on end are long gone. I have had my problems since childhood so don't fit into the short term recovery bracket, but they say that's just how it is.
Anyway, will take it one step at a time.

I still go over that awful meeting in my head and torture myself with it but it's not so raw now and hopefully will fade as time goes on.

I can't thank you all enough for your support and will keep you updated as to how I get on.


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Dec 20, 2016
I am relieved that you were listened to. It took strength to do that because most people would have been told it was their illness and their fault and that they should not gossip about staff to their colleagues. They would usually all gather together and blame the client. This is good news and shows thinking is changing. They are realising they are not perfect and do behave unprofessionally and in this example, outrageously, too.


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Oct 25, 2016
I wonder if it'd be worth it to have a tape recorder or phone doing an audio recording in a pocket whenever there is a new kinda hard for a professional to explain away that.