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Jun 7, 2009
too much a good thing too little and wisdom is lost would you say that acceptance of this illness might help? that if you were really mad you wouldnt know it? or that too much awareness cripples your personality? ive really become nocturnal i sleep all day and am up all night the only thing that makes me feel fantastic is swimming which i cant do on my own but you know its all good life is odd because it or you is always changing thats the bit we fear the most the unknowness of it all. the world is sureal fraying at the edges but i'm proud to be a part of it! rambling english bertha.:D


hi diddypinks, i definately think where you said: if you were really mad you wouldnt know it, i think maybe that's true. infact its something ive always firmly beleived.always thought depression doesnt exist either, i think not many people agree with what I think but my family are very proud and dont accept whats going on in ones brain. acceptance is a big issue i think.
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