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Avoiding formal mental health diagnoses when emigrating



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Sep 4, 2019
I am an American who plans to move to a European country permanently to live. My mother found out this year that she has Asperger's, and after I heard about her condition and reading about it myself, I became alarmed because I have all of her symptoms, except to a more severe degree. I also have OCD and various types of anxiety.

As someone who studied in university in the UK, I am aware of the vast amount of paperwork and bureaucracy, as well as the amount of private information about health records that need to be submitted to the immigration department of foreign countries when applying for a residence visa.

So I am wondering if it is advisable to avoid formal diagnoses of ASD or anything related to mental health, especially because in many countries it is considered a disability. And many first-world countries do not want applicants with health problems, much less a chronic mental "disability", even if they only have Asperger's, i.e. high-functioning autism.

Or if people who have had formal diagnoses try to tell the psychologists not to put this on their official health records?


When emigrating, they are very interested in whether you are going to contribute well to the financial input etc.

They basically want you to be a hard working, well educated useful member of society.
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