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Avoiding, evading, dodging the issue



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Aug 12, 2008
Southend on sea

What do we call this then? Double standards? Affirmative action for the rich? Class warfare? Prejudice against the poor?

The black economy is normally associated with dodgy builders or painters and decorators. But white collar professionals are increasingly fiddling taxes, according to an MPs’ report today that discloses that 36 barristers have been forced to return £605,000 to tax authorities. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been recovered from lawyers, surgeons, medical consultants, and landlords under private deals with the tax authorities.

But this has not become public because none of the white collar tax evaders have been prosecuted, says the report by the Commons public accounts committee.

How many benefit scroungers would it take to defraud the Treasury of £605,000? A damn sight more than 36, I bet. All equal in the sight of the law, eh?

Where are the adverts warning tax dodgers the government are closing in on them? Where are the tabloid editorials screaming that these people are scum? Where are the government ministers? Why aren’t they sitting in TV studios across the country demonising tax fraudsters? Where are the chilling threats of invading their private lives or threatening their children’s wellbeing?

The poor scumbags that are caught committing benefit fraud are paraded through the media like modern day circus freaks. Nobody ever asks why they do it. (Well some do but they’re largely ignored.)

Those caught dodging tax? They’re allowed to make secret deals with the Treasury and swan on down the road. Is anybody asking why they do it? I rather doubt it’s to feed the kids or get out of a damp flat.

Tax evasion, avoidance, dodging or whatever you want to call it costs the country vastly more than benefit fraud. The government lumps the benefit fraud with payment errors to make the number sound bigger. And it’s an exact figure. So clued in are they to the losses through non-payment of tax that the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs puts the estimate at between £10 billion and £40 billion. A £30 billion margin of error. I mean, Jesus.

It would take every dole fraudster and benefit payment incompetent in the country four years to match the bottom figure. Or somewhere around 16 years if they’re going to be ambitious and go for the £40 billion jackpot.

And guess what? They’re closing 90 tax offices. How’s that for prioritising? It almost makes you wonder if the government’s fuss about the money lost through benefit fraud is really the issue.

That they’re prepared to tolerate theft on a far, far grander scale by the Greater Good, the implication is that all these threats and demonisation is rather about teaching the lower orders to watch their backs and know their place. You can, in other words, stick your class-free society.

Now, where’s the outrage?

Update @ 4.30pm: The vacuous Five Live Drive have just done a facile segment on this. Guess which group of tax dodgers they sent their reporter out to track down. You’ll be less than amazed to hear it wasn’t lawyers, surgeons or medical consultants. No, it was your legendary dodgy builder. The egregious Peter Allen even did his best stereotypical cockney wideboy impression as well.


To be honest in the eighties during Thatcherism, I think It was the black economy that kept the country going
Employers payed cash and became more competitive
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