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Autopilot,Brainfog,Being stupud,Forgetting



New member
Jun 28, 2009
I am a 23 year old male from the UK and have had problems for about 5 years now. I started off being tired all the time, went to the doctors and he said i was depressed and put me on prozac.
It didnt change anything, i was sleeping for upto 16 hours a day. Then i managed to stop myself sleeping so much and force myself to get up after about 8 hours after someone shaking me until i wake.
But i feel like i am detatched from reality, i can carry out day to day tasks, and i work in a job where i am moving around big lumps of steel with a crane etc, but i do it on autopilot, not even realising ive done it.

Sometimes i think to myself, i actually exist, this isnt a dream its my life and i look around and am surprised that it is actually real, then i drift away again into this dream like mode until maybe 4 months later when i do the same over and over again.

I dont take any medication because i dont believe im depressed, ive not really got anyrthing to be depressed about. I think the doc is just trying to keep me away. He sent me to a mental health unit for about 4 weeks and they let me go saying im alright.

I forget things all the time, like i was going to my mums the other week and drove a completely different way and i ended up on asda car park at 11o clock on a saturday night and it was shut. Only when i got out of my car and looked around did i realise where i had gone, as again it was a autopilot thing, so i got bck in the car and drove to my mums.

And today my girlfriend asked me to get some cardboard boxes from her car that were using for packing stuff, so i got them and had a cig in the garden with her. After we finished i walked out the garden and back to the car to get them and when i opened the boot i realised i had already got them 2 minutes earlier.

Stupid tings like that, i never used to do them before all this started does anyone know what is wrong with me?
Will appreciate ANY help, thanks.


New member
Jun 28, 2009
I also would like to add incase it helps anyone help me that i never ever feel refreshed in the morning.
Whether i have 4 hours or 14 hours i wake up and you know that grotty horrible feeling when you feel ike youve not had enough sleep, well it doesnt go awa for me its there all day every day. I have bags under my eyes most of the time and always look like i could do with a good sleep. The only way i wake up for work in the mornings is because my girlfreind is good enough to either shake me until i wake up or pour water over me. Im a VERY heavy sleeper and have had builders move the suitee whilst i was sleep on it because they couldnt wake me up and needed to do do work where the suitee was.


Hi mikesblogguk

And :welcome: to the forum!
Unfortunately no one here can diagnose you, however we can offer alot of support!

Depression effects people in many different ways, but can have some common symptoms, and feeling tired all of the time can be one of them, as can feeling detached from reality. It might be worth going back to your GPs and telling them about your deep sleep issues, to see if there is anything they can do to help with that, or if there is another underlying problem that might be causing it?

With regards to auto-pilot I think most people do that at some points in the day, I mean if we all thought deeply about doing simple tasks like making a cup of tea I think we would be overloaded with thoughts. However if you are living your whole life like that, and you are unhappy with it then I would say that maybe you should try to do something about it.

I guess my question is, do you have anything in your life that you enjoy and is not harmful to you or others? That makes you feel real, and requires concentration and effort? If there is, I would try to make more room for those activities and integrate them in your life more.

I also try a technique called mindfulness as often as I can. It is about concentrating on every little thing you do and noticing it, and doing nothing else. For example when I practice mindfulness and I walk down a road I've walked down umpteen times before, i notice so much more, and it helps me feel real and not go on autopilot. It also helps alleviate boredom for me, if I am listening to a lecture for example which is boring me, I practice mindfulness and I end up enjoying it! It takes practice but for me it has allowed me to find so much more enjoyment and fulfilment in the things that I am doing. It also helps me clear my thoughts, and I live completely in the moment, because that is the only thing we really have, not the past or the future but the moment we are in. It is hard for me to explain, but there is a lot on the web about it, if you type it into a search engine. :)


New member
Jun 10, 2016
Hi mikesblogguk,
I've got the same problem as well.. Did you find out what it was? Would help alot.. Thanks


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hello mikebloggsuk
random question but i will throw it out there! have you been tested to see if you have m.e or candida.
having either of these mess with your thinking pr0cesses and energy levels.

i am not saying that this is definitely what you do have as you may have severe depression and i cant and wont say a definite diagnosis as i am not a doc.

i find which i have been doing as i have gotten lazy with food that ready meals and things out of tins, jars, packets are so full of things that shouldnt really be in them. and that is affecting me and i need to do something to address it before it gets worse.

in the past i went on a very simple food diet for 30 days and me i am so not into diets but because i experienced pretty much what you say in your post. and yes if you have depression and a food intolerance it will make it far worse. and i could not believe the difference in my energy levels. i actually had bounce in my step. also it helped me manage the depression "better"

but dont take my word for it have a look at .. when you have at least something to go on you can start to ask questions with the doc to get a proper and correct diagnosis

9 Candida Symptoms & 3 Steps to Treat Them - Dr. Axe

Candida Symptoms » The Candida Diet

Symptoms and diagnosis of ME/CFS | ME Association

please dont loose heart as these things are fixable and knowledge is power to your elbow!!

take care :goodluck:
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