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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
The mind is truly amazing. Its funny when we hear voices. All of the things said are specific.

All aimed at achieving a reaction from us.

The killer thing is. How accurate they seem.

Lets say. I had a fear of water. My acoustic hallucinations would say.... That's why you can't even swim!


A secondary voice would say... You remember the day it rained on him....and both would laugh at me.


Lets say by any chance.. I still had my moist umbrella... At the entrance of my room. And maybe its all hanging by my rain coat. And my rain boots.

All whom are still dripping in a bucket..

The voice would continue and carry on....

Remember how stupid he looked... Crossing the street with his boots and coats... He almost stepped on dooky.... Trying to avoid the rain. .

He was scared of the thurnder. The lightning and even the clouds!!!

All these elements. Only escalating with each passing moment... .

This is what its like. Its similar to a split second thought. But continues to make itself appear bigger and bigger.

Now this can go on for 2 minutes. Sometimes 3. But then repeat itself twice an hour... Sometimes up to 3 times.

Each time convincing you. That indeed these voices are real.

But its all a play. A mind trick of our own mind.

We try different things. But after a few days.. We may be fooled in to believing their validity.

This is how acoustic hallucinations try to take a hold of us.

We must fight back peacefully with logic. Common sense.

First of all. Who cares if indeed I have a fear of water?

Who cares if nobody understands?

Who cares what people think or say?

Most importantly. What is the worst that can happen?

The answer is. @$!# it.

Seriously. By embracing it. The idea looses its power.

For example. Acknowledging it.

Yeah. I have a fear of water. So what?

I love to take baths and showers. But I hate , lets say... Un sanitized water.

See the root cause?

It may very well be. Clean water... Over not pure water... Etc.

But the insecurity... The split second thought... Wanting to snowball... And seem like an avalanche... Is the real issue.

We have to see it for what it is.

It starts with us loving ourselves.

Be very careful with the negative things that at times; are displayed by our sub mind.

If its not positive... In the trash bin it goes...


God bless.

May The Force Be With You Always.



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Nov 10, 2019
Is that because they are both you, but sound like someone else?
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