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At the end of my reserves



New member
Jan 25, 2017
Hello all. New to the forum and need help.
I've heard and seen things since I was 14. I've been brought up an a very abusive environment and been treated as a literal punching bag for most of my childhood... many years and experiences later I find myself here looking for something. Anything.

I have been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and bumped out the door with a "well that's that" attitude. Been on medications which are as helpful as skittles Dealing with my fibromyalgia and possibly having to buy a wheel chair are doing wonders for my lack of confidence.

Feel like I'm at the bottom of a deep hole and can't see much in the way of an out.

Can anyone help me anymore?


Well-known member
Dec 25, 2010
I hope that things are going to get much better for you really soon.
Abuse causes so much distress and lifelong misery for so many.
This is a community of very kind people and I hope you thrive here.


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2015
hi, I'm really sorry you feel so low.

Unfortunately there is not a hell of a lot the medical community can do for BPD, they can treat the symptoms with meds but the best they've come up with for actual BPD is DBT Therapy

which is I don't know...some people find it useful, I suppose I did too to a degree.

Our disorder has really only just been "discovered" in the last 30 years or so so the treatments are virtually nonexistent to date.

As a fellow Warrior, I wish you strength. And, suggest a 2nd opinion, they may be more helpful.