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at my whits end with shortness of breath feeling



May 30, 2018
Hi everyone, so for the last few months everyday i have had the feeling of shortness of breath its like i feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath. I try to do this even when i am just sat doing nothing and my throat feels tight and sore. I am known to have bad health anxiety for the last 8-10 years and i also have asthma but this was diagnosed the same time my anxiety was. My peak flow 600-650 all the time and never really changes and the doctor has changed my inhaler a couple times in the last few months based on what i have described. My diet is also very poor as is my sleep pattern
Any suggestions or input if you have had this and what helps would be great, as you know with anxiety and asthma you always think the worst and think something is wrong
in the last 2 weeks i have also joined the gym and done yoga and tai chi and during these classes i have never had to use my blue rescue inhaler either.
Thanks for reading


Well-known member
Dec 23, 2018
I used to feel this way...I do believe it was simply me hyperventilating. (It certainly doesn’t feel that “simple” when it’s happening to you day in and day out.) I remember that it took the form often of me trying to yawn and not “getting the yawn.” Thankfully, that subsided when I threw away the wackadoo birth control pills that had my hormones crazy.

I do think that yours will subside if you keep up with that yoga, and if you clean up your diet. Also, try a few more relaxing exercises, meditation, maybe? Sounds simple, but the simplest explanation is usually the true one, huh?

Feel better! Keep us posted!