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At last Cornwall has it's own Forum



Well-known member
Apr 15, 2009
Many thanks to the owners of Mental Health Forum board.

Now that we have our own area, please use it.

Share with others all the issues about Mental Health in Cornwall. It does not matter if you are a Service User, Carer, Professional or anyone else who has an interest in Mental Health in Cornwall.

Share with us your story, what was good about the care you receive and what is bad.

If a Professional, it is an area where you can share you frustrations without being under pressure of your managers. In fact I would like to know if you are afraid to speak out.

Over the last five years services have taken a nose-dive, partially because the SURG (Service User Representative Group) was hijacked and didn't do the job it was set up to do. Well this, I hope has now been resolved and proper consultation will resume soon.

So this is your area to have your say.... Many Carers often feel left out.... well now you can also have your say.

Let us make Cornwall the leaders in Mental Health support and research.



Well-known member
Feb 3, 2012
Wen WE LIVED IN cORNWALL we received excellent treatment. Ut us nt si bad forus (patietn and carer) as relatives are helful. Paaaaaatient.s companion who he visits each week is in Cornwall and has a different diagnosis. But I am concerned at her treaatment. When my son went to help with her mother who has since died she had a Social Worker, but when y son wa seen there the S.W. was withdrawn. She remembers her medication and I don't know what it is, but sha has no sense of time and sometimes sleeps int he day and someties at night, and wakes m son up to go to te supermarket about 11 p.m. when she can buy the outdated stuff cheapp. He buys his own but is not allowed to cook decent meals so his time up here is spet feeding him up.