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Associating faces?



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Jun 15, 2014
I have this annoying thing where sometimes I associate persons faces, M and F, with the face of a guy that causes me anxiety.

When I succeed on doing it, that person seems "infected" by this thought for me. And it's Very Hard to stop associating his/her face with the guy's face.

Sounds like another OCD thing? The more I hate this, The more it affects me.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm really sorry but I don't know a great deal about OCD.
I would say what you're experiencing could well be OCD. Unless this man has caused you some trauma, then i'd wonder if it was trauma-related. Either way, it definitely sounds like an anxiety type experience.

Have you other mental health issues that you're seeking help for?
I wonder if you've talked to a professional about this, because i'm sure there are techniques you can try that might work for you, though I appreciate this is a pretty intense experience for you.
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