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AsPD and Psychotherapy?



New member
Jun 6, 2016
My psychiatrist recently hinted at the fact me having AsPD, however he gave me an "official diagnosis" of "severe" adult ADHD to not "have anything negative" on my medical records.
I know I can't be fully honest with him as I am motivated to lie to get the medications i want (which he must know to some extent,if he hinted AsPD, but i guess we're in this game together now), but I actually DO want to improve. I have made an appointment with a psychoanalyst because he keeps no records, doesn't report to anyone and so I have complete confidentiality and no motivation to manipulate him (unless he's hot lol which i doubt he will be) and can be honest.
I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with psychoanalytic psychotherapy in improving AsPD, or other PDs for that matter? I know AsPD gets the biggest stigma, but i honestly feel like its not necessarily as complicated as some other PDs, though it seems to be the only one to be written off as "untreatable" by so many


Jan 13, 2016
I agree that people over exaggerate AsPD as being untreatable but i had some success tho ive never fully chamged partly bc i see nothing to chamge most the time so it is hard to change. Also because everytime i try i end up seeing people do things against me or other people and i think why am i treated so differently when all these 'normal' people behave the same way. Nearly got into a rant there ill leave it