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Aripiprazole weight gain



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Feb 11, 2019
I started on aripiprazole a year ago and I’ve gone from 9st to 13st in that time. The aripiprazole helps a lot with my depression but it’s caused another issue with eating. I feel out of control with it. Anyone else has this problem or has any advice?


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Aug 1, 2014
Hi, Katiem,

Although on abilify originally, then on to generics, aripipazole, and had to switch back again to Abiify, I must admit, I haven't within me known, that it's caused a problem with eating, not as such anyhow. I have traits of mild forms of szchiophrenia, of hearing voices, and used to have paranoia, not anymore though, and pshycotic epsiode i had back in 2004, and I am always active in fitness, and walking outside, between bus routes to locations.

I think, that as you have a problem being depression, which is your key illness, that in turn will cause problems with eating, I doubt very much, that it is the apripazole causing that.

Also rhertorical question - no need for an answer, do you go into comfort food zone eating, if so, that could be another via your depression, problems for weight gain, not necessarily the med- aripipazole.

I would try to cut back and down, on sugary produce, because the med i tself has traits of sugar, in, and it is the feeling for temptation from that, as well on the sweet side of things, and that side of things, yes, weight gain can happen only slight.

I have been on original branded version of Abilify for about 10 years, and I happily swear by this med.

If in any doubt, always seek the advice of your pshychartry doctor, or the GP, and they will be the best people to put you forward in the right direction, and may well recommened a nutirionist, or dietician, to help you out, and hopefully give you continued support.

Apologies for the long post. As i once knew from mental h ealth teams sources, it is a less weight gaining med, and I have had weight loss successes with t his med, myself, plus, I'm active in fitness.

Welcome aboard to MHF.

I'm Natalie and I am usually around via the Wellbeing Section, or Chill out Lounge, of MHF, and just recently been having problems with heard voices, so Hearing Voice Forum of MHF, too.

Best wishes.

Once, again if you are that concerned, do seek the medical advice through your community mental health team if you are under them, or GP.


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Jan 4, 2013
I've gone from a size 16 to 22 on aripipazole the drug is known for causing this side effect.
I'm now diabetic as well.
The drug I feel makes you feel hungrier.
You could ask your psychiatrist if you could try a different drug.
I hear to listen anytime.
Take care


Jan 31, 2019
6 years on Abilify caused a LOT of weight gain for me. Probably around 50 pounds. It makes you hungrier and slows down metabolism. It really helps with depression though.

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