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Are these normal symptoms of anxiety??



Oct 27, 2014
I have been suffering from generalised anxiety for years and i am now seeing a therapist because of this. The thing is aside from the anxiety i have also been having problems with feelings of anger and hate. In other words I dont love or care about anyone (including my family). I have felt this way for a long time and I feel so fustrated and bored with my life. Im constantly worrying that I have to follow the rules set upon society, infact i have no choice. My anxiety seems to stem from low self confidence that i feel my so called family have caused, luckily i get to move out in a few months and get my wish granted to finally be alone. I also dont have any friends completely by choice. The thing is im am turning 20 next month and these feelings have just gotten worse, and although i am weirdly proud of my "philosophys" and who i have become, I am a little depressed about my life and my future. I feel so empty and lost like i want to live some sort of life that doesn't exist or atleast a life that would be frowned upon society so my life would be a little exciting (crazy, i know). Has anyone else had these feelings? Are they symtoms that can occur in someone who has anxiety? Should i tell my therapist?


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I've definitely experienced the angry feelings and the numbness, but it was more depression related.
Though I guess anxiety and other mental health issues manifest differently in each individual.

I just saw that you said you see a therapist and wanted to say yes - this is precisely the thing you should bring up with your therapist, so you get hopefully get some more insight into.