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Are there Such a Thing as Good Voices ??



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Oct 16, 2020
People don't even believe in these things anymore, so it is very, very, extremely easy to possess them, they have absolutely no defenses.


Dec 14, 2020
Austin, TX
There should not be any voices at all. Their existence is a violation in and of itself.

There are no "good" voices. There are kind voices, on occasion, and there are nasty or inane voices. None of them should be there. We are not supposed to have hallucinations. Period.


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Jul 9, 2013
Hi Y'all --
Over the long period of time that I have been infected with this "Voices" Symptom or Auditory Hallucinations, I have heard talk about the so called Good Voices. Apparently The Bad and Malicious Voices are the ones that cause havoc to us all. So there is supposed to be a dichotomy of Good and Bad in the Voices virtual world. The bad are the known part of the equation. We know the bad stereotypes, rummaging through our memories, calling us bad things, digging dirt from the past, trying to destroy us in short.

I heard a lot of talk and suggestions and strong advice that among these Voices are some Good ones. And that we can control these bad and malicious voices, by Channeling the good ones to be in control and control all these bad and malicious ones. That way where the drugs are ineffective in controlling these bad and malicious ones, we perhaps should be able to control these Voices from doing harm to us.

This is from my personal experience, I would agree that there are Good Voices in the populace of the Voices, and they are not all one or equal.

Over the last 2-3 years I have been working on an experiment to psychologically channel and put these Good Voices in control of the bad and malicious ones.
But It has been such a frustrating journey and I have finally given up in this endeavor as it has turned out to be a pointless exercise. The so called Good ones it turns out to be are totally spineless and Silly. That is what the Good Voices are soooo silly!!

That is the number one reason why these Bad and Malicious Voices simply DOMINATE them all together all the time. Another thing is that the Good Voices have a limited capacity for "Learning" ... like some silly old dogs they are that can only learn primitive tricks and cannot learn any thing of substance to be useful to us.

I have observed that the Bad and malicious Voices pull such Wool over these Good Voices and simply bully them all the way through. They use such stupid shit as "We Voices are One we should Unite against him" and these Good Voices all the time never learn and totally yield to the bad. They don't even learn and are not even an iota smart enuff to simply turn around to the bad Voices and say "Yes We Voices are one" and "Now you bad Voices listen to us good Voices" and "Do as we Good Voices are telling you" Why is it that just the bad Voices are able to use this magic wand like a trick all the time and hypnotize the good Voices into subordination all the time with a simple trick "We Voices are One Listen to us man" .... and this is the simple magic wand like a trick the Bad and Malicious are able to use and control and manipulate the Good.

So the real problem with the good Voices in summary is that they are just too "Silly" to be of use to us.
We are doomed to be troubled and harassed by the Bad and the Malicious ones, until these damn Pharmacologists one day I pray come up with drugs to terminate the entire populace of the Voices and really CURE the problem, perhaps the Pharmacologists don't see making a huge monetary profit on a cure for the Voices hence we don't see much action from them on this front.

But in my experimentation with psychological control of the Voices, what works is to totally IGNORE them all together.
After all what can the Voices do ... keep on barking in a manner of putting their ass to their mouths and keep spewing shit at us. DON'T take their shit literally or personally! Just IGNORE it all we know where they are coming from!
From the mouths of these Bad and malicious Voices. 1. We know they are Bad and Malicious and want to hurt and cause us trouble. so why should we allow their ramblings to get to us ?

Just IGNORING What the Bad and Malicious voices spew at us is indeed the best psychological remedy against the Voices. Nothing else works IMHO.

Cheerio !!!
youre lucky you dont get bad experiences of voices....im driven mad by them....im just lucky i can control them somewhat with the medication.....im on 20 mg olanzapine and 800mg quetiapine.....its a hefty dose but it keeps me relatively sane


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Aug 1, 2014
Interesting thread. I have heard had one or two good voices in my head, so to speak.

Transpiring, it's for the positive, not negative.

I always always still do listening to music, and to ignore off the voices. And on med.
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