Are the feelings and actions true feelings during mania?



Feb 16, 2019
It's hard to explain ... but I'll try ... as I have understood the impulsive actions and feelings can be quite strong during mania/hypomania. That sometimes leads to sudden choices that sometimes are regretted afterwards.

But I am wondering if these actions and feelings are the persons true feelings, that are just oppressed by social rules during normal periods?

For example ... if my boss is an idiot I want to call him an idiot. But I don't. Because I realize that wouldn't be a good thing to do. But even if I don't I still think he is an idiot....

And a bipolar person dumping partners and/or having random sex - is that what they actually would want, but stay away from until the disorder looses the barriers? Or is it something they actually do NOT want to do, but the disorder "leads" them into it?

I hope no one is offended, because I am truly curious.


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Sep 22, 2018
My episodes which have had financial implications are always regretted.
However I think of them as unfinished decisions....for example my law degree was an impulse I regretted as I hadn't considered the timing and how 'not appropriate' that was. Another one would be my cosmetic operations....these again were rather unnecessary and not completely thought through.
So for me...yes they are true but perhaps incomplete and rushed.

Hope that helps
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