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Are bad sleeping habits driving us mad?




TAKE anyone with a psychiatric disorder and the chances are they don't sleep well. The result of their illness, you might think. Now this long-standing assumption is being turned on its head, with the radical suggestion that poor sleep might actually cause some psychiatric illnesses or lead people to behave in ways that doctors mistake for mental problems. The good news is that sleep treatments could help or even cure some of these patients. Shockingly, it also means that many people, including children, could be taking psychoactive drugs that cannot help them and might even be harmful.

No one knows how many people might fall into this category. "That is very frightening," says psychologist Matt Walker from the University of California, Berkeley. "Wouldn't you think that it would be important for us as a society to understand whether 3 per cent, 5 per cent or 50 per cent of people diagnosed with psychiatric problems are simply suffering from sleep abnormalities?"

First, we'd need to know how and to what extent sleep disorders could be responsible for psychiatric problems. In the few years since sleep researchers identified the problem, they have made big strides in doing just that.

Doctors studying psychiatric disorders noticed long ago that erratic sleep was somehow connected. Adults with depression, for instance, are five times as likely as the average person to have difficulty breathing when asleep, while between a quarter and a half of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) suffer from sleep complaints, compared with just 7 per cent of other children.

Until recently, however, the assumption that poor sleep was a symptom rather than a cause of mental illness was so strong that nobody questioned it. "It was just so easy to say about a patient, well, he's depressed or schizophrenic, of course he's not sleeping well - and never to ask whether there could be a causal relationship the other way," says Robert Stickgold, a sleep researcher at Harvard University. Even when studies did seem to point in the other direction, the findings were largely overlooked, he says.


Sep 22, 2008
Interesting read Apotheosis.


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Dec 18, 2007
Interesting indeed. I used to have trouble sleeping when I was a child most times and I think it was due to stress. At age 7 I would have to go to bed at 8pm and sometimes wouldn't get to sleep until 11pm - 12pm on a bad night. I never thought of telling my parents about it. I always felt really tired the next day and I remember having trouble concentrating on my work some days. Sometimes I felt frustrated that I couldn't recall information that I had read in order to answer questions that were set and I was clueless why as I seemed to understand the information at the time. It was the same story during my first year at high school and again it was due to being stressed out. I remember getting poor results at chemistry tests, maths tests etc until things improved in the coming years and I worked my way up in to University. All this before having my first episode at 18, it makes me wonder that maybe I was always suffering from some effects of schizophrenia before it was triggered off fully ( if there are genetic factors that is ).
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