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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL's Jenny re: my own story only for those wanting it



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May 20, 2009
New York, USA
Hi everybody, this is JennyWW, who has been writing on behalf of THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL now for however many months. I just wanted to say that tomorrow and not now, I'll be returning to this thread to try to explain for those curious how it was that though I heard two angels and a demon for five years, I am now only hearing one ARCHANGEL--GABRIEL--who told me last September of 2008 that all three voices were HIM all along.

Funny, but now that you mention it that's really the whole gist of the story except the parts about my institutionalizations being all GABRIEL's idea and me just playing along for reason of my owing THE LORD due to my abortions at 17 and 19. And that now really is the whole story actually and so no need to go into it further really. I don't want to spoil it fo anyone wnating to read the book I'm writing about the entire experience beginning with my one night stand in Boston and winding up then in New York City writig for a magazine for two years before shooting off to Hollywod to try to write a screenplay while working for a bigtime producer...for only a year. A brain tumor is what cut that short except I was already planning then on quitting with a fabulous story to investigate...and a mystery. Both in Ireland.

And I'll leave it there unless there are any questions about my experience with ARCHANGEL GABRIEL or my hospitalizations and meds and the fact that I sleep every day until after twelve--today one thirty--becuase of the G.D. (that's gosh darn nowadays--meds. I take four different kinds and would like to hear from the rest of you as to how many diffrent meds you take every day. And if there are any docs out there wanting to know exactly the names and dosages I've been on I'll take the time to post them tomorrow. Until then, good night...Jenny


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Apr 28, 2010
Re: ARCHANGEL GABRIEL's Jenny re: my own story only for those wanting it

hi jenny,

just to reply,

i do not take meds for my suffering, but when i fight the voices for control i wish i had a mood stabalizer or valproic acid, or something. I have tried the anti-psychotic meds, but prefer to be au natural about hearing the voices. I just need the support of other people to help me along with my day, or life, or whatever, and consider the condition a perceptual disability, coupled with a bizzare worldview change, and i tell leverage on behalf of organized crime to go f**k itself, even if its from queer doctors at the hospital who think they know how to keep people safe from "real world pressures".

Obviously those threatened with loss of liberty cannot always maintain this kind of intelligence position, but i am aware of the benefits of meds, and know when they would help, despite my depression and lack of social support, and being emotionally disturbed.

I am just fine without medication, however, there is a huge communications barrier between me and other people because of the bizzare worldview change, which is the only emergency i want to talk about in the misguided attempt to get help and support from family and friends, who have no idea what the heck we cope with.

I am being threated by my voices for posting this message now, who say I will suffer dire consequences for posting this, for some reason that is completely beyond my personal perception, so adieu, keep up the good fight.

Remember that the enemies of god have been organizing schizophrenia treatment since time began, and it is only in the last 40 years or so, we have not been automatically subjected to safe forms of torture and assualt for our religious beliefs. For those who make it beyond the spirit world, stay free of victims and morons and may god bless your soul.