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Appointment with care co ordinator



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Mar 23, 2009
Had the appointment this afternoon that was cancelled last time because she was sick.
She's taking me off the 45 minute walking group. I told her that i didn't mind this as i preferred it when it was for several hours and we had a good long walk.
She then brought up about doing a course at the local community college . I explained that i was very nervous about the idea but had checked out some of the courses available but had found none suitable for me.

The next thing really surprised as she suddenly came out with ' Is some of it because you have difficulty knowing what to say in certain situations? ' For me that has been a problem for longer than i can care to remember.

On last weeks walking group the two staff taking it had been talking about a group for people for people who have difficulties with social interaction and i had piped up that i had problems in that area ie with initiating and sustaining conversations etc. At the time i thought the staff member who replied was rather sceptical as she looked at me rather bemused and said "i never knew you had a problem with that" but i'm guessing she passed on what i said to the care co ordinator.
I told the care co ordinator that it had been a long term problem since childhood and that i had had
great difficulty forming friendships because of it.
I explained that i could manage intellectualised conversation quite well but making small talk/casual chat was a lot more difficult.

My care co ordinator has put me down for the next group dealing with that. When i do that i'll have to come off the allotment group whether i 'll go back on it later i have no idea.
Although i think the group is a potentially good one given the nature of my problems in that area ,what amazes me is that it's taken the mental health services 35 years to cotton on to my having a problem in that area!! It only happens to be my most chronic and persistent problem area.
I got bullied and teased rather badly at Public school because i was both physically and socially awkward.

The issue of body language was also mentioned and she thinks i might have a problem re boundaries. The latter because i half jokingly/half seriously had mentioned i came across an article saying spanking therapy was good for couples during my last allotment group.
I can't remember what the area of conversation was exactly but to me i was just imparting a bit of knowledge which i thought was interesting in the context of the conversation at hand.

The young woman who was helping to take the group in the usual woman's absence it would appear wasn't amused.
It used to be a lot easier re knowing what was ok or not to say when things were more formal between clients and staff.

It's the second time an issue with 'body language' has been mentioned .
Maybe they think i have difficulty interpreting it or in being aware of my body language towards other people.
I know a woman i saw a few years ago before she dropped me mentioned how i came across non verbally and though i could see where she was coming from re problems with eye contact i was bewildered and quite upset by a lot of what she mentioned.
I think my self awareness/insight might be a tad screwed in that area!

Finally she mentioned about how my attendance at my groups had dropped off. I told her that that was often because i felt really anxious and paranoid and generally out of sorts so didn't come in on those days.



If you find you have difficulty with face to face talking or eye contct a mobile phone is good. My lad says it's the best present he ever had.:)
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