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Anything to help with sleeping



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Aug 23, 2011
I'm so tired in the day but soon has it comes to going to sleep, my mind doesn't shut down it just thinks of everything that has happened whether it be years ago or that day then the future, it just doesn't stop.
I tried all the relaxation stuff my psychiatrist gave me I don't drink/eat anything that can keep me awake after 4pm, tried listening to relaxing music, reading boring books.

I've had sleeping tablets they worked but soon has I had stop them, back to normal. I tried kalms things didn't work, glass of warm milk before I go bed.

I just wish my mind would shut down.
It's 4:01am right now I been in bed since 12am so I thought I would post here see anyone has something I haven't tried.


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May 8, 2015
New Zealand
I have mitazapine (an anti depressant) that i take at night.
prior to that i would read... hours if thats what it would take- and it did. but i read alot and eventually i did sleep. Also going to be at the same time and getting up the same time despite how tired your feeling. I used to also pray (speak out) all that was in my head.


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Apr 25, 2015
Sorry about you not sleeping all that well.

Its more of getting back into a routine of going to bed lets say 11 and getting back to bed when you start to feel tied and worn out. You will sleep probably not when you want to but at different time during a day this is not helping you at all either if you do this. So what to do?

Try this don't have a shower before bed wakes u up, Cool bedroom, dim lighting, soft pillows and covers loose if you have sheets. Listen to your music you like to nothing like head banging and rock. Open your note pad jot down anything that worried you or is worrying u in a few short quick words. Then shut it. Don't force yourself (not easy) to sleep as it will not work (which you are doing) just shut your eyes and start from your small toe relax it then your next toe and so on until you done all the way up to your head.

If you are restless (which you will be) get up why stay in bed. I've seen me get up and go down and lay down on the sofa and fall off to sleep. Who says you must sleep in your bedroom? No rules

Next best thing do you like swimming? Need something to fill in a gap so that you come home feel tied. Something that you get positive feeling from and feel a nice tied like I can go to sleep feeling.

I hope this helps its not easy getting back into the correct habit but it will get easier but you have not to get frustrated (easy said than done. I can hear you) and if you want to sleep down stairs or have windows open go for it.

Good luck and give it a try when you feel in the mood you can do this