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Anyone with anxiety experience heart palps at night, swallowing troubles, pit of stomach tightness for months or is this only supposed to be for days?



May 30, 2020
Hi i've been anxious for monthsOverworked myself and almost had a nervous breakdown
growing 2 businesses, working a Wall st sales job, working out, going out, dealing with some real personal/family issues and such.
I'm doing much better now
as most of it has been resolved
HOwever I feel that might have traumatized my body and put it in nervous modelike it remembers and reacts emotionally to that trauma. So I get heart palps at night, like ectopics which keep me awake or wake me up as I'm falling asleep, I feel tightness in pit of my stomach and feel my food go down and touch my esophagus and cause my heart to skip a beat due to the vagus nerve association. I know this is all due to stress and being an an anxious state. I'm doing much better now and notiing these symptoms although come on, they are coming on much less now and with less extremity so I feel that I'm winning the war.
Curious if anyone has experienced long bouts of anxiety with the physical symptoms I described before it went away or you were able to find wholenesss, peace and normality once again.


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Nov 10, 2019
If you do too much, your body needs time to find its equilibrium, i would think. The longer it is in a bad state, the longer it will take to repair itself. If you put it through too much, you could end up very unwell and take a very long time to recover. Please look after yourself and rest.