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anyone used psychiatry-uk ???



Feb 26, 2018
i have had a really bad experience with the mental health services for 8 years now, i have been let down time and time again and see myself getting no further with them despite of my constant effort to try and get help..

I recently finally got referred to the community mental health team for an assessment, something i have been waiting for for years, and they let me down a lot. They refused to diagnose me with anything and didn't really help me at all, I left feeling more confused about myself.

I have been doing research online about going private, but there is not a chance I can afford it, I am a 22 year old student and I will not have that money for a long time.

However, I have came across Psychiatry-UK, which seems like it is an online video assessment with a psychiatrist followed up by a summary letter and a diagnosis if necessary. This costs £300 for the whole thing, something that would be a lot more realistic for me, but would still take a lot of saving. Im just wondering if anyone has tried this? It has all positive views online but not sure how reliable they are

thank you :)


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Jan 5, 2011
hiya cocacola. I would be very wary of anything online espcially that costs that much. What is it that you are feeling which makes you feel so bad? Can we support you on here with anything? With the MH services I would keep going back to the GP and nagging them. I had to see 6 GPs once until i was seen and then got a diagnosis of bipolar! If I hadn't persisted I would still be suffering.


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Jun 16, 2015
depends on what time I post.
If you can afford that you could have a private therapy session with a psych for less.
My psych sessions were £120 per hour with a consultant psychiatrist. Diagnosis included and as most of them are still NHS as well the diagnosis carries weight.
My therapy sessions for CAT were £75, and one if the therapists I'm deciding to go with for the next round is £ 45 per hour, with a special for "younger" people of 6 sessions for £180,
Why are you desperate for a diagnosis?
My CAT therapists never even looked at mine, he said a collection of letters doesn't make a person, we did 48 sessions of therapy and only ever mentioned BPD 2or 3 and that was me asking if this is why I did x
I found that typing in Google "therapy in South Yorksire"brought up 179 therapists and 12 companies.
You can also Google psychiatrist in xxx and there is a good set of names there.
I'd rather spend £300 on a decent therapist than a video conference questionable diagnosis.
Good luck


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Jan 7, 2008
would the diagnosis carry any weight with anyone, why do you want a diagnosis that could ruin your future life, ince given even psychiatrists can't remove it, theres always the uncertainty, that is if you ever reach that point

as one gp said when i asked him to put me on the sick, it's a label and labels tend to stick, a peculiar thing to say as i'd already ben diagnosed schitzoprenic and thats stuck, i now argue my case or starve


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Mar 12, 2016
I know for a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis your travel insurance premiums will go through the roof that is after you have been denied for most policy’s and you have to use a specialist broker.
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