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Anyone use CBD to curb their mood swings and manic depressive episodes?



Sep 9, 2020
Washington State
Just curious if anyone’s tried or had success with this? Never tried Cbd before but I’m curious if it can help. Or anyone try those thc vape pens?


Well-known member
Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Tried it, helped with anxiety a little bit, did nothing for the mood episodes. As for THC, I used to be a heavy weed smoker and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that it was one of the main contributing factor is my declining mental health. Smoking pot seems like a good idea to alleviate depression, but in the long run it only made it worse. As for the mania, it put me on the verge of psychosis. I began to be extremely paranoid, believing that people were following me and that family members were trying to brainwash and manipulate me.

I would not recommend anyone uses pot or drugs to treat mental illness. If you are struggling, seek help from a mental health professional. Do not self medicate.


New member
Dec 9, 2020
I've been using CBD for about a year now. Spent a lot of time researching it as there's a lot out there and many of the sites just glance over the actual science and focus on marketing. I'd say within the first month it has made a noticeable difference to my anxiety and sleep. You have to be careful as not all CBD products are equal.

CBD vapes are actually one of the most effective means of taking CBD as it bypasses the the digestive system and taken into blood stream thus has a faster, albeit less lasting effect. I mainly use the vapes when I feel I need a quick solution (like when I'm about to do a presentation for example).

I also take water soluble CBD in a capsule which is so much more effective than CBD oil. If you're not careful, CBD oil in tinctures or soft gels can cost you a lot of money - to get the dose you need, you actually have to take quite a bit of it as most isn't absorbed into your body. So - if you're looking at CBD, I'd definitely suggest a water soluble CBD as it has the highest absorption rate apart from vapes, and does last much longer. Because of this, you don't need as much as CBD oil for example.

Regarding THC, as @HLon99 mentions, this is something that I'd avoid personally. I agree with is said in that to can often be reached to for a solution, but could ultimately have an adverse effect.

Hope this helps.


Dec 9, 2020
Just curious if anyone’s tried or had success with this? Never tried Cbd before but I’m curious if it can help. Or anyone try those thc vape pens?
most things wont help directly with bipolar other then medication. beware of false association.

its hard to know if something is helping without a proper double blind study. that's why the scientific method was developed. because alot of what we think we know is actually false.

the mind automatically makes associations, many of which can be false. for example if you get food poisoning eating pizza you might not like pizza anymore for the rest of you life. simply because your mind made a false association.

taking magnesium at night over time seems to calm me down and reduce my mania. SEEMS to, but i cant say forsure if it really is. even though i have continued taking it for years because i am desperate. desperate people spend all sorts of money on snake oils lol.

bipolar people tend to accumulate all sorts of knowledge of spirituality and psychology and nutrition and health etc.... trying to help themselves. even if it doesn't work directly to help bipolar its all still good.

so if something is good for you anyway then yes do it. but dont become a true believer, stay skeptical


Jan 7, 2021
New Hampshire
CBD helps me calm down enough to go to sleep if none of my meds decide to work. It can be really helpful but totally varies from person to person
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