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Anyone taken the Beck Depression or Anxiety Inventories?



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Mar 31, 2015
I was watching a video on Youtube about a guy's experience getting his first Ketamine treatment, and they had him do these Beck Inventories. I've done a few different test things for depression and anxiety, but never this one.

So now I've done it, and yay, turns out I'm "severely" depressed AND "severely" anxious! Big shock there. lol

For depression I got a score of 39.
For anxiety I got a score of 30.

For anyone interested, just google each of them and they'll come up as PDF files. Add the scores up as you go to form a total score.


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Mar 31, 2015
We're doing so well! lol


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Aug 5, 2021
My depression is weird this time round. Pretty sure I'm severely depressed but for some reason my self esteem is actually possibly better than usual. Plus I am keen to spend time with other people rather than be by myself. So I probably wouldn't score that highly on that 🤷🏻‍♀️
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