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Anyone on the Autism spectrum and have Bipolar and how do the 2 interact for you?



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Jul 19, 2021
Very curious about this if anyone else has experience of it.

My experience has been that mechanisms developed from being on the autism spectrum, seem to help regulate my hypomania and allow me to have long highly productive periods of hypomania.

From when I started school I always knew I was somehow different, that I didn't interact with other children like everyone else seemed to, and rather than feeling alien, my head, I've always had this bizarre awareness of a greater conscious than my own that has always seemed to be in charge and makes decisions and recognises important information for me, as long as there are some mechanics involved in them or they have a practical use, my head, looked at everyone else as being an alien species rather than me feeling alien.

So my head doing it's thing watched this alien species, observed how they interacted, listened to their conversations (and still does) and put in place mechanisms with it's acquired knowledge of these things so to enable me to appear and act as people would consider to be normal more of the time, even though the emotional attachment of doing so wasn't often there and there was always the feeling of detachment, even when in the thick of things, including in long term relationships, very surreal, like being there, but not, like being an extra in the movie of your own life the greater conscious was making.

I had a recent revelation that with this process already in place when my hypomania which started when I was 12-13 progressed, that this aspect of my brain creating a mechanism for appearing normal and putting all the necessary information in my head to be able to present as such and regularly updating it, seems to me the thing that regulated my hypomania and I'm interested to learn of anyone else's experiences with autism spectrum or any other comorbid conditions and how they interact with and potentially regulate or accelerate their bipolar.

Thank you all in advance


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Nov 10, 2019
I have not heard of anyone having both but i am sure there are many people.

Typically, i think people with bipolar disorder are overly friendly and over familiar with people, sometimes intrusive.


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Aug 3, 2021
I also have both disorders, but the bipolar is the most on front. I have bipolar type 1, ultra rapid cycling. The rapid cycling made the bipolar even worse. I tend to be more manic and psychotic then depressive.

If you have autism, the chance at developing bipolar or psychotic episodes are 5.x times higher.
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