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Anyone on pain medication



Well-known member
Feb 6, 2021
I just had some dental work done that went bad. 3 weeks later, I'm in just as bad pain as when I got out (feels like a bad nerve). It especially hurts to eat. I was taking over the counter Tylenol, but my doctor prescribed 500 mg of ibuprofen which seems to work better. I'm having to take a pill almost to eat now and have to make it through weekend. I feel like shit.


Well-known member
May 7, 2011
Do you think there is a chance you need anti-biotics? Here it would be the dentist who would prescribe.


Well-known member
Feb 6, 2021
Yes I just got prescribed amoxicillin yesterday. I'm going through that right now.

Amoxicillin actually gets me moody after awhile for some reason.

I feel a bit better now. Pain comes and goes.
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