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Anyone know?



Jul 14, 2009
Tain, Scotland
Im looking for your thoughts on a certain matter... Basically, at the age of 12 i was diagnosed with clinical depression. I was told last year that it was a wrong diagnosis. Ive not got a clue what exactly is wrong with me but upon much research i feel its a possibilty of bipolar. I suffer dreadful moods. 1min im so hyper its unreal. Bouncing of doors, joking, screaming and shouting, throwing things and uncontrolable laughter. Before i know it am at rock bottom, self harming and attempting suicide. I get very irritable at times too. I then have periods of level mood. I never know what to expect. When im hyper i feel so amazing. Nothing could dampen my day and i spend spend spend. 7 credit cards and a loan so far. I am currently on anti pyscotic meds as a result of hearing and seeing things. I just want to know, would you rule this condition out or is it possible and would it be worth going to my psyciatrist about? Thanks. Much love, xxxx
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Jul 30, 2009
Hello there,

Its very difficult to diagnose without watching someone's behaviour for extended period of times. The idea of Clinical Psychiatry is to define in a detailed manner some characteristic traits of the general population, then to determine which is a productive personality and a destructive one. Then to assess which substances work best at helping the person to function. Clinical Psychology is best described as allowing someone to understand themselves and their place in the society, even to the point of describing how society works or teaching someone to cope easier with stress or worry. Occupational Therapy Is quite varied also, but essentially helping someone acquire basic skills which have been assessed. Counciling Is open for people who need to talk to someone in confidence, Councillors are easier to get than Psychologists.

The defined traits or 'symptoms' are there so that people can actively work on them. So its really a good idea to look at all mental illnesses and pick your symptoms and create your own label. Bring that to the psychologists and talk about them.

Peace. :evil:
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