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Here is the deal. I was originally diagnosed two and a half years ago with a

clinical depression which was drug induced. I was put on citalopram for a

about 9 months. At some point during the depression, it evolved into

something else. I have three different diagnoses on my plate right now, from

three different psychiatrists. One believes it to be associated with anxiety

and calls it derealization. The other thought it was just depression but then

switched to psychosis when he found out the third psychiatrist thought it

was an early episode of psychosis. My symptoms are so hard to describe but

I will do my best. It is like I am not processing all the external stimuli fast

enough and it feels like everything I see visually is going by at 1.5 times the

regular speed. I know it just appears that way to me because there is

something wrong in the processing department in my brain. That is my hunch

anyway. My thoughts tend to go by faster. It feels like I am ALWAYS

thinking and can never stop. It alone is frusterating. It also feels like my

attention is more inward now rather than on the external where I want my

attention to be but because I dont process everything I am thinking more

internally. My feeling of what a normal mind is like has completely left. its

crazy. Every day feels like more of a struggle now because I am always

thinking and can never stop. I am on seroquel right now but I cant tell you if

its helping or not. It doesn't feel like it is helping. Do these symptoms sound

familiar to anybody or can anybody relate with these feelings and symptoms?

Nobody I have spoken to can truly understand what is going on so my

expectations at this point are quite low for these forums. This has taken

over my life and I feel at such a loss. I am constantly thinking about it cause

it is such an obvious feeling that I cannot escape and am always feeling. So

retarded. Any help would be appreciated guys.


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2009
Could be

It could just be like a form of shock....

Before you never thought about how you thought.
Now you do, you are conciouse of what you are thinking and analysing it, this may be distracting you.

It may also be the meds, I have had some strange effects over the years esp if you use alchohol.

Try not to worry too much.

By the way, it is typical to get 3 diff diagnosises from 3 differnt shrinks....:drool:


Dec 28, 2009
Just wanted to say this.

As long as you think there is something wrong with your brain, there will be!

Noone has a "normal" mind, everyone has a different brain experience. What youre going through is probably actually very normal for whatever your circumstances are. There are many factors in five major categories: Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and relational (relationships with people) that affect our minds.

Seek in all of these areas, and watch how you are reacting to things... maybe you can figure something out.

Hope this helped!



Dec 28, 2009

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