Anyone have a fear of working?



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Apr 6, 2017
As someone who has been going through this, is there any advice to a spouse of someone who seems to have the same problem, on how to handle such issues and help them through life?


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Jun 12, 2017
Reading these post's really touched my heart, being affected with terrible anxiety my entire life, I can relate to a lot of these symptoms, having a dysfunctional family life just topped it off, and just a general feeling of failure and confusion not understanding what was wrong. I knew I wasn't stupid, but operating a cash register would spark panic attacks and sweating, with every year getting worse- I couldn't talk to any one about it for the shame- I have done a lot of research as to the cause of mental health in general- and came to the conclusion that it's a combination of toxic buildup and a glitch in the bio electric system of the body - I invested in a qspa 47 and starting to feel much more balanced and has decreased my anxiety 10 fold, I still have more work to do with mood balance- found that specialized EFT therapy was the most effective- have been on benefits for ages, but feeling a lot better than I have for a long time- the dream of going back to work is slowly becoming a reality- what I have learned through this experience is that it's possible to overcome even the most awful ordeals in life plz keep posting your exps :) all the best-rach
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