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anyone had this? would love help.



So the past 4 months,I've been going through extreme depression and anxiety, to the point where I sometimes experience depersonalisation/derealisation If I'm stressed or just not concentrating.I'm 17, I just finised highschool, and am transitioning into the "real" world. My life had changed dramatically in the last four months. my social circle has changed dramatically in the last 4 months,going from one very close friend who was like a sister to a few different friends, and a couple best guy friends. I go to tafe instead of highschool, have a few people who don't like me which I'm not used to really, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I've been through a lot,suffereing from intrusive thoughts that made me hate myself. Made me doubt who I was, and what I stood for. I never would act on them, it was like they weren't my thoughts. They have gone dramatically. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Now, when I watch movies and tv shows, I always OVER ANALYZE, everything. If I'm watching a horror I justify them bY asking "what if they had a really bad childhood?" Or "what if they have a mental disorder?." I'm also asking myself things like "what would I do in that situation?", "am I capable of doing something like that?" Or "they can't help what they're doing, they think differently from me and have a different life." It's really frustrating,like really frustrating. I just put myself in it too much, and think too much. Its to the point where I don't like watching movies or tv shows because I don't want all the thoughts. I can't follow the movie because I'm concentrating more on thoughts. It's like I've lost a sense of myself? I can't just be in myself, I have to put myself into the movie or into the character. It makes Me feel like I don't know who I am anymore. could this be depersonlisation? I also doubt things around me. I ask myself questions like "what if I get into a car,thinking it's my Mims, when really I'm hallucinating and its a rapists or something?" I doubt myself. Can this be helped? I don't want to be scared of watching things


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Mar 28, 2015
Fort Lauderdale
Don't talk yourself into the world of Psychiatry. They'll be happy to give you a pill, whether you need it or not.