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anyone feel like their getting flu if they miss their meds?



Active member
Jan 19, 2010
I have tried a few times to come of 40mg of citralopram now and get a terrible physical withdrawl,dizzyness,bad flu symptoms its horrible,i have mananged to come down only by 10 mg and this has has its consequences aswell.the thing is if I miss a dose,say if i go on a night out and stay over somewhere (which I did on friday) I get really bad flu like syptoms...im hot and cold,shaky,headaches and really tired.Has anyone elce experienced this?


Well-known member
Feb 18, 2010

hey it is difficult to come off a drug if its a high dose and you have been on it a while.in the past after i have missed my meds for a few days i feel really sick,i have been sick and start to get the shakes.The best think to do is ask for advice from a doctor
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