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Anyone ever lower or taper lithium without issues??



Oct 3, 2019
I’m on 900er now. With doctor permission, I tried to lower by using liquid - 600 at night 300 morning down to 540 at night and 240 morning - total drop from 900 to 780. It felt like every cell in my body was on overdrive, I was burning and freezing cold, and in excruciating emotional and physical pain. Has anyone ever lowered or tapered without hellacious side effects? If so, how?? Is tapering from 900 to 750er better than tapering with instant release?


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May 7, 2019
When I tried to reduce lithium (600mg down to 500mg) I went loopy, couldn't think properly or hold any thoughts. I ended up on a drinking binge (not good for someone who had given up alcohol having been an acctive alcoholic for many years).

Back on 600mg and the doctors have promised never to mess with it again unless my blood tests come back showing toxisity.
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